Engaging a threat from a vehicle and through the windshield.

With Training Comes SECURITY !

.50 cal BMG at Shutnfest 2015

We offer a wide variety of services to include Firearms training, Survival Training and Gunsmithing.

We spent a week in Florida, when it was sub 0 in Ohio, at the National Prepper and Survivalist Expo.

Gun Smithing

​For your protection online payments go  through PayPal.

Got to meet Doctor Bones and Nurse Amy from Doom and Bloom.


Your group of 5 or more will get 5% off the price of a CCW class, and your group of 10 or more will get you 10% off.

Expo was in Lakeland, Fl 

Special Offers

Our gunsmith service is the best in the area. We specialize in repairs, refinishing and optics mounting. We also buy and sell guns and do FFL transfers for $25.

Our Services

We met and had lunch with the great writer Angry American and his wife.